Thursday, 3 April 2014

Praise for Black Out


"The earth hour event at trinity church was a feast for the senses and all for a greater cause. I loved reading and was taken on a journey by the rest of the readers. It's amazing how someones story can cast visions in another's mind. I felt a passion in everyone who read and look forward to hearing more, great creative outlet . I hope the world took action and cut the power " 
Paul Cowan

"[Untitled] is living proof that the arts is thriving in Falkirk. Black Out was a celebration of Falkirk's rich literary scene and a chance to reflect on the wider impact each of us has on the planet. No longer do you have to travel to enjoy evenings like this - groups like [Untitled] are bringing the show to you, right in your town, on your doorstep." 
Samuel Best

"The Black Out event was a fantastic display of passion for writers and writing. There was a wonderfully supportive audience who were waiting to be impressed, and the whole thing was put together perfectly. A intimate, atmospheric event - a performer's dream." 
Karyn Dougan

"The lights were off, but everyone was at home listening to poetry and prose by candlelight,  Black Out was a well organised and well attended evening of spoken word, uniting the people of Falkirk with environmentally friendly tales and anecdotes, Cava and biscuits."
Dickson Telfer

To celebrate this year's Earth Hour [Untitled] put on one of the most unique writing events I have been to. The location was Falkirk Trinity Church that was bathed in candle light for a selection of Falkirk's writers , read stories and poems on the theme of Earth Hour. The set up takes you back to the childhood dreams of tales around the camp fire with faces lit from below by a torch.

On top of the reading, Black Out had a great book shop with books from all the readers allowing the audience to take their favourite performers home with them.

If Black Out happens again next year make sure you go. You'd hate to miss out."
Stephen Shirres


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